Engineering in Germany

Mind-blowing armature, world-class technology, and a bewildering history; there’s more to Germany than just its stunning metropolises. A colonist in the field of technology and lores, Germany has always been ahead of its time juxtaposed to the rest of the world. The term German engineering needs no further preface, showcasing the country’s excellence. Additionally, Study in Germany opens doors for global students, offering top-notch education in various fields, contributing to its miraculous operation degrees and fostering international cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

Germany the Best for Engineering

Engineering in Germany is a field of the branch of wisdom and technology concerned with the design, structure, and use of machines, machines, and structures, the action of working adeptly to bring commodity to work and be suitable to contribute in the world and have engineering sodalities in Germany that tops the list. Germany is the world’s fourth- largest frugality, which is largely innovative and has a strong focus on exports. For utmost German companies themega-trends of digitization like Internet of effects, artificial intelligence, Block chain, cyber security, smart systems and E-commerce present a major challenge. Engineering in Germany is the most saught after course.

Best German Education Consultants in India

Being Indian pupil who aspire to study in Germany it’s veritably important new and unknown for them to choose a University in Germany, accommodation that where the pupil will be making his sanctum, it’s a delicate task for the scholars to handle all of the tasks on their own, so it’s always better to be under the guidance of the best German education advisers in India, who can make your way a much easier to slide on, good German education advisers in India can give you correct information after keenly going through your profile and give you substantial guidance in each step towards your destination, after which you can study in Germany and make a bright career.

Selection Criteria

Universities in Germany have different terms and condition to which they look for on a candidate while in taking them to their University.

For studying Engineering in Germany/ Requirements:-

As more than 95% of the courses in Public universities are taught in German language at the Bachelors level (except very few in Computer science ), student needs to learn German till C1 level and give Telc Hochschule exam in Germany before starting the Bachelors program in a public University.

Students need to either complete first year of Bachelors program in India.
Or be prepared to complete 13th year foundation course called “Studienkolleg” in a German public university before actually starting the 3 year degree. Studienkolleg for technical courses has Physics, chemistry , mathemathics and German as subjects. In this foundation year, students are taught these subjects at basic level in German language, therefore, it is comupulsary to prove atleast B2 German level to get admission in the foundation year.

Rhein Konsultant makes this process super easy for its students through its expert team of counsellors and German teachers in India and Germany. Student can learn A1 and A2 German levels in India and B1 and B2 in Germany at its partner language school in Bonn. In total it takes 8 months and the student is ready to start the Studienkolleg after passing the “Aufnahmeprufüng” exam. At the end of the Studienkolleg there is a “Feststellungsprufüng” exam to get the passing certificate and be able to start the Bachelors in a public university.

Universities in Germany set their standards very high when it comes in taking admission for the courses especially for Engineering in Germany, which you can meet once you reach Germany. Also German embassy has started APS certificate requirement for all the students who wish to study in Germany. Its a verification system of the documents and cost Rs. 18500. Student should apply for it as soon as possible on the German embassy website directly.

Another major requirement is the TestAs exam. Its an aptitude test and checks the analytical and logical skills of the students. It is conducted only 4 times in a year and students are adviced to books their slots well in advance directly on TestAs website. It costs Rs.13500 approx. Student must pass this exam and score 75 out of 200 atleast. It is mandatory to get the APS certificate.

Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Mechanical Engineering in Germany is also known as the branch that puts into use engineering physics, mathematics, and materials science into designing and maintaining mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers create products from merely ideas and innovation to make the system work with efficiency. It’s the top most course, you can also find more information from German education consultants. After the students get done with the bachelors they can also opt for Ms in Mechanical engineering in Germany, after which the doors of opportunities get wide opened for them. MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany make the candidate capable and the capable candidate more prominent.


Universities in Germany

There are number of universities in Germany that offer best mechanical engineering course with no tuition fees, there are types of universities in Germany that offer engineering courses in Germany. Public Universities in Germany are one of the most in demand universities that provide quality education that tops the world, with no tuition fees even for international students !!! Isn`t it amazing ? You can study in Germany for free and that is not a myth but a pleasant reality that indicates a welcoming hand for the deserving students does not matter local or international ones. Public universities in Germany provide free education to everone and make the individual a confident one and the best one to produce the best; the facilities and all the goodwill of the engineering colleges in Germany are equally distributed amongst all the students irrespective of them being natives or the internationals.


In Germany, major intake is the September intake but 40 % of the Universities also offer Bachelors programs in March intake as well. So student must plan in advance to finish all the requirements in time.


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Biosystem engineering
E-Mobility Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering

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