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Perks of studying in Germany

It is very clear that Germany favors development, ideas and new manifestations. It opens its kin to aspiration and motivation to grow more and improve themselves further: an environment suitable for aspiring engineering students. Free
education, low living cost, ample job opportunities makes Germany an obvious choice for any international student to pursue engineering education in Germany.

German engineering colleges or universities in Germany charge absolutely low, or, in several universities, no tuition fees even for international students. Now, this might come as a real shocker, but we assure Germany is pretty famous for offering free education to students from world over. Though, you would have to pay administrative fees of around 100 – 200 euros every year. These administrative fees which are charged by the German universities are meant to cover the student’s services: costs such as bus tickets to the university, or the student cafeterias. Although public universities in Bremen, lower Saxony, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt or Turingia might charge tuition fees from some students who want to pursue master’s Programs with specialization different from their bachelors.

Living in Germany is much lower compared to other European places. Students can limit their expenses to as low as 700 EURO per month in some of the smaller German cities. Moreover, International students in Germany are allowed to work up to 720 hours, that amounts to a total of full 90 days in a year. Part-time jobs paying 9 to 10 Euros per hour are relatively easy to find and a great way to earn some extra cash and to gain some extra experience for international students.


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GERMANY a dream land, a capital known for its technology and invention, expiring minds are in hunt for an absolute destination, where they can blossom and be the stylish in this competitive world. And for them, Germany is the stylish option where they magnify the campaigners area of strength to make them productive enough to stand stern not only representing their country, but to also be an asset for the entire globe. By saying this there’s a veritably valid reason, as Germans believe only in producing the stylish, whether bringing up the perfection in Humans, or the technology they apply on, following the development and invention. And they believe fully in quality, dividing equal openings of Studying in Germany indeed to the International campaigners.

Why Germany

What to Choose

Technical Education in Germany

Engineering is the most popular degree for international students in Germany. As of Winter Semester 2018/19, a total of 150000 + international students were attending German engineering schools. This fact is not due to unexplained randomness, but an effect of global excellence in teaching and research, built  upon a long and rich tradition in higher education and a revolutionary approach toward future engineering challenges. German Engineering schools consistently make into the list of the best engineering universities in the world  according to many relevant rankings. Overall, they’re valued for their forward-looking education methodologies,  practice-oriented study programs, excellent academic staff, modern facilities and outstanding future prospects. Study modules are highly flexible to enable you to match the program with your personal academic interests.  Whatever engineering degree you will be studying practice will account for a large part of your studies, because  the aim is to make a skilled engineer out of you. In addition, their professorship is made of leading researchers in  their individual engineering disciplines. All these benefits make Germany the most sought after destination for pursuing higher studies in the field of  Technical Education.  Our expert counselors at Rhein Konsultant are always ready to provide you with the exact step by step guidance  and help you confidently cross all the qualifying hurdles to enter the top public universities of Germany.



The W-Course, or Wirtschaftskurs in German, is a preparatory course for international students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, or social sciences at a German university. The course typically lasts one year and is offered at Studienkollegs, which are specialized institutions that prepare students for academic studies in Germany.

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M Course

Today, there is an unlimited number of medical schools and available study programs in medicine all around the world. So why would you choose Germany to study medicine? It all comes down to your personal goals. Are you an ambitious student who wants to push intellectual limits further and believes a unique education system is a perfect tool to achieve this? Do you want to get a globally recognized medical degree which will provide a crucial competitive edge to help you stand out a fifierce competition? Do you dream to get a job that will supply your fifinancial needs and will provide a profound emotional
fulfifillment while helping others? If your answer to each question was YES, then Germany is a perfect location for you to study medicine. Given below are some reasons why studying medicine in Germany is worth enough.
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Best German Education Consultants In India

You always have a safer option to approach Best Education consultants for Germany in India, they can give you the best guidance and support as you would be very much new to it. They hold a genuine experience and knowledge of Germany, make sure you end up at the best education consultants for Germany in India. In the long run of your search of the consultants, the best can only guide you for best, when the talk of best comes Rhein Konsultant is one of the best education consultants for Study in Germany.

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Study in germany consultants near me
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best public universities in germany for mba
best public universities in germany for mba
best public universities in germany for mba
best public universities in germany for mba
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