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About Us

Rhein Konsultant is one of the best and trusted educational consultancies in India. It is the one-stop solution for all your educational needs. We, as an educational consultancy, believe in shaping the career of our students in the best way possible. That’s why our primary motive lies in assisting students to make the right choice with regard to pursuing education in German institutions. Our dedication and realistic approach to guiding students has been commended. And our reputation, which has been built upon confidence, ingenuity, truthfulness and years of experience, is equally reflected in our successful results. We only wish for a student’s better future, and the better future would only be achieved when students aspire for quality education, which Germany provides without any hassle. Unfortunately, not many Indians are aware that Germany provides free education. That is why, we at Rhein Konsultant, have taken this initiative to increase awareness about education in Germany and to guide the students on the whole process and procedures.

As of now, our services have helped many of our clients to fulfil their dreams of aaining admission in Germany. We are now endowed with the best infrastructure and technology along with the best and strongest network base all over India. We have also made a purposeful foray into
student visas for Germany for providing an unmatchable service in this sphere. In our office across India and our channel partner in Germany, Rhein Konsultant has emerged as the topmost educaonal consultancy among all other similar consultancies.



Our vision is to be one of the most sought aer agencies in the educaonal industry. We commit ourselves to grow our business rapidly with emphasis on excellence, integrity, experience, honesty and knowledge. Deliver the best services to the students, so that they can have a secure future. Our vision is clear: we want our students to be able to grab the best of opportunies with our support.


Our central goal is embraced by meeng our customer’s needs in the most significant and realisc manner where in we provide fundamental administraons along with a guarantee to achieve success in the field they wish to pursue. The students get the guidance they need to fulfil their dreams and we work diligently to help them achieve that. By creang success stories for our students, we strive to build strong and credible relaonships with partner instuons.


Our principal objecve is to aain the basic elements needed in our respecve responsibilies. The main objecve of the company is to ensure customer’s sasfacon so that the company can boast of the trust students have in us.Building trust is important so that we can aain a proficient posion in the educaonal industry, where aspiring students approach us with energy and talent and provide customized soluons to study in Germany. Clients are the reason for a company’s success. They are the impetus to favourable results. With this view in mind, we treat our clients as our friends who can put their immense trust on us. Consider us as your confidant, for we are here to assure you, we won’t disappoint.