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How to Live in Germany for Free? Know at Rhein Konsultant

There are many people who like to travel overseas for their own interests. For example for leisure purposes, some travel for education, for training and job purposes, etc. Travelling to foreign countries is one of the attractive opportunities for an individual, but with this opportunity comes different challenges and one of such challenges is finding proper accommodation.

Accommodation plays an important role, as it is the proper place in which the person lives. So this should be chosen by keeping the budget and the surroundings in mind. But, can you live in Germany for free? 

What’s in it for me-

  1. How to travel to Germany?
  2. Accommodation in Germany
  3. Cheapest cities in Germany for accommodation.
  4. Living in Germany for free
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

How to Travel to Germany?

Traveling overseas requires several formalities which are to be fulfilled within the given time. 

  • Make sure you are mentally and physically fit, for that one should visit their doctor. Keep the fitness reports with you as it is one of the important documents. 
  • Ensure that you have a valid visa and passport. These are the main documents that are needed to go onboard, without this, you are not permitted to go onboard.
  •  Get in touch with the respective embassies. Since you are traveling to a new country they may prove to be of great help.
  •  Another important aspect is the currency. Foreign exchanges are available at the respective airports or one can exchange currency before they travel.

 When all the formalities are completed, you are ready to set off! 

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Accommodation in Germany

As discussed earlier, no matter where we visit, the accommodation plays a vital role in it. As per reports, Germany has a low cost of living. It is quite pocket-friendly to the people who are looking for a place to live. Another question may arise that how to find accommodation? The answer to this question can be simple. Here are some of the solutions for it!  

  • People can get into rental agreements with the landlords. Live at their place for a particular time as decided by both of them. 
  • The internet can also be helpful. People can get in contact with the brokers who deal with different rental flats and apartments, charging their prescribed commission. 
  • Moreover, the rates also vary according to the locality. Usually, students living nearby to their educational institutes, pay approximately 300 Euros to 600 Euros.
  •  Furnished flats are also available, but it is on an expensive side. But for those who can afford the budget of the same, it will be a good choice for them.
  •  Hostels, on the other hand, are also an option for people. These hostels also come with a particular budget level, for instance, low-cost hostels. This facility may also be provided by the universities and the college authorities. As they have their own hostels in their college/universities premises. If these hostel facilities are included in the admission process, then the students don’t have to pay any kind of extra amount for it. But if they are searching hostel apart from the college/universities premises, then they have to make expenditures on their own.
  •  Students can divide the rent among themselves and pay the same, by doing this they can find a better flat or apartment for accommodation. 
  • If people visit Germany for a short period, then hotels are the best option, they can rely on! All they need to do is to book their hotel room prior to their departure and check-in in the same hotel after they arrive at the destination. 

Cheapest cities in Germany for accommodation.

Germany is known for its good quality of education which is pocket-friendly as well. Germany is a vast country within itself. It comprises different cities in which pricing for accommodation may differ from each other. It is one of the expensive countries, but the cost of living here is not that much. The cost of accommodation differs from city to city. But the average cost can be around 1000 euros to 2000 euros. If you are a student and willing to live in German cities, here’s a list of cities that are affordable and quite pocket-friendly. 

  • Berlin: It is the capital of Germany and one of the most interesting places to explore. Talking about the cost of accommodation. Berlin is the only city in the entire Germany which has a low cost of living. One of the good things is that there are multicultural people living in Berlin. This gives the chance to the students and tourists also to explore more.
  • Munich: This city holds a strong economic background, so you may find the cost of living slightly higher as compared to Berlin. One of the challenges is to find a proper rental apartment or flats, and their costs also depend on the area and the time in which the rental agreements are into consideration. 

There are many more cities in Germany, which have an affordable and low cost of living. It depends on the people in which city to live and what their budget is.

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Living in Germany For Free

Wherever we travel, accommodation plays an important role in it. Talking about living in Germany for free. Let me remind you that there is nothing free in this world, everything comprises different charges. But the best way is to find out cheap cities in Germany in which people can afford to live. Germany has a population of approximately 8 crore people and consists of 2054 cities, in which there are cities that are affordable for people. Here are some more cities, that have a low cost of living.


Located in the northern region of Germany, it also has budget-friendly accommodation, which students can afford. In most cases, people prefer a rented accommodation, and sometimes it is possible that the budget of people may be less. But in this city, you don’t have to worry much about the budget as the accommodation rates are very pocket-friendly here. For instance, the rate of one-bedroom flats may go up to 1200 euros, and in a low rate, it may vary up to 250 euro to 500 euros only. Moreover, one can also enjoy their meals in the restaurants out there, which are also affordable.


Located in the Eastern parts of Germany, Frankfurt is one of the beautiful cities one can visit.  It also holds one of the most affordable rates for accommodation. For instance, the rate of a one-bedroom apartment can cost up to 500 euros, and in the outskirts, it may cost upto 300 euros only. The rate of three-bedroom apartments in the city may start from 1300 euros, and in the outskirts of the city, it may vary from 500 euros to 1500 euros only. With this affordable accommodation, Frankfurt also has cheap restaurants, so people can enjoy delicious meals at a cheap and pocket-friendly rate. 


Located in the southern part of Germany, this city is also known as The City of Three Rivers, as three rivers namely the Danube, Izz, and Ilz pass through this city. This city has overall low rates for all the commodities namely accommodation, utilities, food, travel within the city, etc. The rent of a one-bedroom apartment can start from300 euros to 650 euros and in the outskirts, it may be from 700 euros. Talking about utilities, it will cost you around 80 euros only, which is at an affordable rate. Moreover, the rate of meals over here can vary from 8 euros to 10 euros, which doesn’t seem a big deal. 


Germany is one of the beautiful countries, but some cities give extraordinary pleasure to be in the country. One of the concerns i.e. of accommodation and budget is resolved in Rostock. It has a low cost of living. For an individual, the cost of living in Rostock is approximate 1100 euros, which is quite cheap than the rates of sharing a flat. When there is pleasant weather, it creates a beautiful and youthful ambience, people specially visit to enjoy beautiful summers here, hence paying an affordable rate for accommodation.


One of the magnificent cities one can find. The cost of living here is 33% less than in New York, which also means that it has an affordable cost of living. Stuttgart is a place of many car companies, which also means it attracts many career opportunities.


Germany is not only affordable in education, but it also has a low cost of living. So, people who are looking forward to coming to Germany, have a great opportunity to get a high amount of services in a budget-friendly manner. You have to bear some cost of living in Germany. You cannot live in Germany for free. Not just in Germany, you cannot live in any country for free.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How is life in Germany?

Life in Germany is pretty awesome. If you are a workaholic person Germany is the best place for you. People here also love silence and peace which you will find almost everywhere in Germany except for nightclubs and discos.

Is Germany a good place to live?

Germany is one of the developed countries in the world which is why it has a good standard of living. If you are thinking about where to live in Germany, then Cities like Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf rank in the top 10 of the cities.

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