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apply for admission in Germany

How to Apply for Admission in Germany for Higher Studies

In today’s era, education is not limited to only one country. If you are an Indian student, you can still apply for admission in Germany, Canada, Philippines, UK, or any other country. It doesn’t mean that Indian institutes and universities are not good enough. The reason is that those international universities are globally recognized.

So, how to select a college abroad that is best for you and how to apply for higher education? We will guide you through the process including the requirements.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Education in Germany
  2. Documents Required for Admission to German University
  3. How to Select the Best College in Germany?
  4. Finances, Cost, Fees and Scholarship for Students in Germany
  5. How to Apply for Admission in Germany?
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Education in Germany

graduation in Germany

One of the most important tools for grooming one’s personality is education. Today, education plays an important role in developing the nation and the personal development of an individual.

Education is a wider term and this holds several courses, coaching institutions, schools, colleges and universities under it. Many places in the world offer the best education on an affordable budget, one such place in Germany. 

Germany is pocket friendly and offers the best education for the candidates who are willing to grow in their careers. There are many universities in the states of Germany such as Berlin, Frankfurt etc, which provide the best opportunities to the candidates who are looking forward to education in Germany. 

One of the main concerns is the language. One can apply for the language courses and learn the German language, apart from the English language. This will be an additional benefit for the candidate. Education in Germany will prove to be a boon for the candidate, as the candidates will have many opportunities in the unforeseen future.

Career options such as engineering, business management, doctor etc, are very popular and have a wide scope. Moreover, one can apply for a bachelor’s degree, post-graduation or for any specialization in any field, as per his/her choice.

Documents Required for Admission to German University

Many people (other than residents) like to travel to Germany for education. This brings the first document which is a valid passport and visa. The passport can be issued from the passport office of the particular states of the country. You will also need previous records like the high school qualification, etc. 

Another set of important documents include the application forms and registration details of the universities to which the candidate had applied. If a university selects any candidate, then they have to carry the admission slips and other documents along with them.

Apart from these, passport size photos, identification proof, language certificates, insurance documents etc will be required. These are some of the basic documents required, but there might also be some extra documents suggested by the universities to the candidates, which the candidates have to carry while travelling to Germany. 

How to Select the Best College in Germany?

how to select the best college

Since Germany is known for affordable and good education, it is the popular choice among the students. To choose the colleges, first of all, proper research should be done.

To set off with, the candidates should know in which field they are willing to make a career. Check the student’s programs offered by the universities. Then check the vacancies which are released by the universities, and check the eligibility criterion as well. 

Select the good and affordable college which offers the relevant courses in which the candidate is seeking to make his/her career. Before applying for the registration or admission process, do check the extracurricular opportunities and employment opportunities the universities offer to their candidates. 

After that, go for the admission or the registration process. Moreover, keep the important set of documents near you, as discussed previously, so that the process should be smooth and swift. Candidates will be in a spot of bother if they don’t submit the necessary documents throughout the admission process.

Finances, Cost, Fees and Scholarship for students in Germany

When it comes to studying abroad, one of the main concerns is the budget. Generally, the expenses are high and not affordable to an individual. But, Germany gives affordable options for the students.

Apart from the educational expenses, there are many more petty expenses which are to be considered. But then the question arises, how to arrange the finances to study in a foreign country? Well, the answer to this question is not so difficult. The finances can be arranged with the help of personal income, education loan provided by the bank, monetary savings, scholarships and part-time jobs in Germany itself would also help to cover the small petty expenses needed out there.

Before applying to the university, please check the requirements which make the candidate eligible. This may include language requirements. The approximate cost for learning the English language is 15000 INR, whereas the German language is 9000 INR. Since the universities need the documentations of the candidates, it also holds expenses, which may be 3000 INR including the courier company charges.

One of the important expenses is the travelling expense. Before booking the flight tickets, one has to check the cost of VISA and passport. VISA stamping charges may be approximately 3000 INR. After the formalities of visa and passport, the flight charges are another expense. Generally, the flight charges vary from 25,000 – 30,000 INR approximately.

 Travelling within the country is another expense, which is to be incurred.  

During this, travelling insurance is the optional choice for that particular educational tourist. The scholarship is one of the options, which candidates can apply for. The amount of scholarship which the candidate receives depends on the course he or she chooses. 

Generally, the postgraduate candidates receive an amount of approximately 77900 INR. 

How to Apply for Admission in Germany?

Since education in Germany is quite affordable, one should know the proper procedure for enrolling themselves in the universities. To set off, candidates should know in which field or course they are interested. Keep an eye on the vacancies which the university releases and select the suitable student program which is relevant to the career option in which the candidates are interested 

Eligibility criteria and requirements play an important role. Different universities have different requirements, so the candidates should meet the same. Fill the application or the registration forms of the universities, which will be available on the official websites of the universities, attach the important documents suggested as per the university.

Make sure that the candidate submits the application forms. Till then get some additional documents with you such as health insurance, travel insurance, language certificates etc. this will create an extra backup for them.

As soon as the admission is accepted and the admission letter is provided to the candidates, it’s time for arranging the finances to reach the destination. Make sure that the important set of documents are kept with you during travelling. When reaching the university as per the candidates choice, other formalities are to be done accordingly.


Germany is a country that offers education in a very affordable way. For candidates who are willing for further education but from a quality place, Germany is the best option for the same. But before that, many other formalities are to be done such as arranging passport and visa, language certificates, health and travel insurance, finances etc. 

Apart from this, other important documents regarding the admission and registration process should be carried. Considering the expenses, the finances should be arranged accordingly. College expenses, admission fees, passport visa expenses, accommodation expenses, and other petty expenses should be kept in mind. To cut a long story short, Germany is a boon for the students who are into studying in foreign countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to select the best college for admission in Germany?

To select the best college for you anywhere, you should analyze them based on the following points-
Year of establishment
Faculty and extracurricular activities
Fee structure
Study and placement records
Reviews from past students

2. Can I apply for admission in Germany for free?

Education in public universities in Germany is free because there is no tuition fee for European as well as international students. But, you have to take care of the expenses that are applicable during the semester. Also, the admission procedure is not free of cost in Germany.

3. What are the documents required to apply for admission in Germany?

The list of documents that are mandatory for admission in Germany are following-

Marksheet of school, diploma or previous degree
A passport photo
A copy of your passport
Proof of language proficiency (Language test certificate)

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